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AMR is a threat to the global economy

Despite awareness in science and politics and attention by mass media, AMR continues to increase throughout the world. Often economic interest provides an impetus to political action, but still a lot of actions need to be done. Drug-resistant infections are serious threat to economic in the future.

AMR is already evident in the emergence of multidrug-resistance (MDR) and extensively drug resistance (XDR) strains to tuberculosis. They are far more expensive to treat and far less to likely to be treated effectively. According to World Bank Group calculation during of the period through 2050, the annual reduction in global GDP caused by AMR could be as large as the losses provoked by the 2008–2009 global financial crisis.

Moreover, with AMR, low-income countries would experience larger drops in economic growth than wealthy countries, so economic inequality between countries would increase.

Read the summary of World Bank Group scenario:

Read the whole World Bank Group final report: “Drug Resistant Infections A Threat to Our Economic Future / March 2017: